Friday, February 22, 2008

Your Friends May Be Movie Stars!

Entrepreneurship Week starts in just a couple of hours. Definitely plan to come see the movie -- you may be in it! You may see friends in it! It's all part of our big Kickoff event at 4:00 today in Memorial Auditorium. Get there early for good seats and prizes.

Here's a preview on the Stanford University home page. It should be up there for at least the week:

I've seen the movie -- it's GREAT! You'll laugh hard, you may get choked up here and there, and you'll definitely come away inspired.

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Earthstepper said...

Hey, if I wasn't able to get down there for the viewing of the movie and the debut of the 'house-hold' item for this years "Innovation contest"...where can I find out what the item is?

Any help we'll be appreciated.