Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We've Launched the New Stanford Technology Ventures Program Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural posting of the STVP technology entrepreneurship blog! For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) is the entrepreneurship education and research center at Stanford University's School of Engineering. We provide engineers and scientists with the entrepreneurial skills needed to use technology innovations to solve major world problems related to the environment, human health, and other global issues. Our goal is to inspire and prepare students for leadership roles within existing organizations, new ventures, and academia.

STVP conducts scholarly research and teaches numerous courses which are open to all students at Stanford. We also aim to serve others throughout the world interested in entrepreneurship. Our global outreach program includes annual conferences on four continents and the Educators Corner, a website with thousands of video clips and podcasts on entrepreneurship for students, faculty, and entrepreneurs around the world.

If you’ve never been to it, definitely check out the Educators Corner – it’s the next best thing to having lunch with almost every major player in Silicon Valley to ask them for advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

We thought that coverage of the AlwaysOn and STVP Stanford Summit, a technology trends conference being held in Silicon Valley would be a fitting occasion for launching our new blog. It will be starting just minutes from now. Stay tuned. OR watch the free live webcast here. All of your commentary during the webcast will be visible to the the speakers and the entire audience of over 1,000 executives. So join in now!

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