Tuesday, July 31, 2007

STVP-AlwaysOn Stanford Summit Coverage - Part 1

For the rest of this posting, I'll write in real-time as I listen to the presentations:

6:23 p.m. Our co-host Tony Perkins (you remember him as founder of Upside and Red Herring magazines and now AlwaysOn) is giving STVP a nice plug right now -- thanks, Tony.

6:30 It's worth checking out Tony's slides in the web archive, if you didn't watch live -- he shows some interesting trends and statistics re the Web and the "green" movement.

6:58 An exciting new company just won the overall AO100 award as the most promising new company of the year, so check it out: virtual reality company Gaia Online.

7:03 Guy Kawasaki, who is always hilarious and insightful, is leading a panel of three very interesting new companies, and you'll just have to go watch it yourself. He's got the audience in stitches with his fantastic way of ripping into the panelists such that he elicits fascinating information. It's hysterical and educational, so just go watch it. These guys are telling great stories and giving terrific, real-world advice for would-be entrepreneurs (and investors, for that matter).

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