Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stanford "Coaches On Call" - Winter Lineup

Happy New Year!

In case you weren't already aware, the Stanford Entrepreneurship Network (SEN) offers a "Coaches On Call" business mentoring program for all Stanford students. Here is a brief overview of the program, how to sign up, and the winter quarter lineup.

Coaches On Call is a mentoring program for any students at any school within Stanford. Seasoned professionals hold “office hours" and meet with students one-on-one to offer advice on specific issues related to business plans, intellectual property issues or anything else you want to discuss with the coach. We provide coaches in a variety of specialty areas. The only real rule is that you can't ask for a job -- that's not what they're here for.

Sign-up Procedure for Students

Go here to see a list of coaches and their available time slots. Also prepare a short write-up as to why you want to see the coach. Email the time slot request and write-up to to Christina Harvett, who manages the sign-ups and scheduling.

Winter Lineup

We would like to gratefully acknowledge Deloitte for its generous sponsorship of the "Coaches on Call" program, as well as all other SEN activities.

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