Friday, August 24, 2007

Stanford Was Named Today by Fortune as One of America's Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program was named as one of 25 top programs for undergrads.

Here’s what they said about us. (Note: The reference to a lack of formal curriculum is misleading, considering we offer at least 20 courses for undergrads.)

“With its extensive network of Silicon Valley contacts and successful integration of entrepreneurship into its engineering program, Stanford wins rave reviews from entrepreneurship professors nationwide. Even though it does not have a formal undergraduate curriculum on the subject, the school fosters entrepreneurship through organizations such as the Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students, which connects both undergrads and grad students across campus at networking and educational events. "We teach students the skills that help them take their ideas out of the lab and into the real world to make a global impact," says Tina Seelig, Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Entrepreneurship Week, launched this year at Stanford, featured a contest to create value out of a pad of Post-Its.”

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